How does it work?

The system consists of:

Gas-emitting stickers

Gas-emitting stickers

Gas-emitting stickers are installed on electrical wiring and some parts of electrical equipment which are potentially prone to overheating (usually at the contact connection points). When heated to a critical temperature, a signal gas is released from the stickers and is detected by the SGS sensor.

Stickers may also have thermal markers which help to identify the place of overheating on the protected object.

Types and models available

ThermoElectrika produces ThermoSensors of 4 sizes and two types: Tape type for cables and wires; Plate type for flat surfaces. Under request a production of other sizes and range of trigger temperature from +90 °С up to +180 °С is available.

Parameter Specification
Minimum trigger temperature 130С
Operating temperature range from minus 40°С to plus 70°С
Validity period 5 years
Tape type – for cables and wires

  S M L XL
Weight(g) 0.8 1.5 2.5 5.0
Thickness (mm) 1.0 1.2 1.2 1.2
Wire diameter (mm2) <10 10-35 35-120 >120
Plate type – for flat surfaces

  S M L XL
Weight (g) 0.8 1.5 2.5 5.0
Thickness (mm) 1.0 1.2 1.2 1.2

Gas sensor

Special gas sensor

The special gas sensor (SGS) is designed to detect the threshold concentration of the signal gas in the protected object and to transmit the alarm code via the communication line to the Monitoring control unit. The sensor has a discrete output of the "dry contact" type, activated when the sensor switches to alarm mode. The sensor has a LED indicator for operating mode (NORMAL, ALARM, FAULT) and LED for indicating communication with the MCU

The SGS can be used with a Monitoring control unit, as well as independently (in this case an alarm signal can be obtained from a discrete output of the "dry contact" type). The sensor is addressable.

Performance specifications:
Parameter Specification
Type of connection CAN version 2.0 B ISO 11898
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Current cunsumption not more than 1 W
Ingress protection rating IP40
Dimensions 35x86x58 mm
Weight not more than 120 g
Mode indicator yes
Link indicator yes
Mounting type to DIN-rail
Body material plastic
Discrete outputs discrete output "Alarm"
Lifetime 7 years


The Monitoring Control Unit (MCU) is a part of the ThermoSensor system for monitoring the conditions of the SGS sensors, for displaying and recording events and transfer information to the workstation (both local and remote). The MCU has a 4-line LCD display with backlight, status indicators, a three-button keyboard for viewing the event log and setting up the unit.

Parameter Specification
Number of connected sensors 127
Interface CAN 2.0B ISO 11898, line length up to 2000 m
Supply voltage 220 V AC
Current consumption not more than 0.5 A
Outputs RS-485, discrete output "Alarm", discrete output "Fault"
Weight not more than 400 g
LCD 4 lines x 20 characters, with backlight
Operating temperature range from 0 °C to plus 55 °C
Transportation and storage temperature from minus 20 °C to plus 70 °C
Type of connection screw terminal block
Ingress protection rating IP30
Body material ABS-plastic
Event log capacity 8000
Dimensions 200x270x48 mm

Usually, the first sign of ignition that a human can feel is smell. Almost everyone once had a chance to feel the smell of burning cables. Although, to detect the smell an identify it as a sign of possible fire is not an easy task: to replicate artificially the sense of smell is impossible even with the most modern technologies.

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Stickers are placed on wires and contacts. When heated above 120 °C the indicators change color and stickers release a signal gas marker, which is fixed by the gas sensor. The alarm signal is transmitted via the CAN bus to the control unit, the workstation, the security center or the fire alarm system. In the domestic version, the sensor transmits an audio signal and deactivates the protected object.
ThermoSensor system can reveal electric malfunctions on early stages, long before real hazardous situation or fire takes place.


  • reduces the risks associated with overheating and accidents of electrical equipment;
  • reduces the likelihood of fires, smoke and fire extinguishing units;
  • helps to reveal errors in the installation of electrical equipment.

Triggering of the ThermoSensor occurs much earlier than any existing technical means of detecting re and long before the dangerous irreversible consequences will take place

How to install ThermoSensor?

It is really easy: you need to apply the gas-emitting stickers to wires or buses near contact connections and fix the Special gas sensor on DIN-rail inside the electrical panel. The installation of the system does not require intervention in the existing electrical circuit. The signal from gas sensor to Control-receiving unit is transmitted via CAN bus

Technology of the system ThermoSensor


To protect against fires of power shields in private homes, social institutions, energy, production and transportation facilities. ThermoSensor is an important addition to the Smart House and Digital Station systems.


The failures of the contact connections are the main causes of faults on the distribution networks 6-10kV. The consequences of such faults may lead to serious accidents at high-voltage substations and large-scale outages. Installation of the ThermoSensor in the cells of the switchgear solves a number of weaknesses of thermal imaging (TI):

  • Expenses for the purchase of a significant number of thermal imaging equipment;
  • Ensuring the optimal regularity of maintenance;
  • The need to increase the number of specially trained personnel for the implementation of a planned TI control;
  • Not all electrical installations have the constructive possibility of carrying out TI controls in a traditional way;
  • For effective IR diagnostics, the necessary loads on the equipment are required at the time when the TI control is carried out.


Starting currents of electric motors in pumping equipment and vibration are frequent causes of contact overheating and equipment shutdown. On chemical plants such shutdowns entails stopping of production lines and following losses.


The contact connections of the high-voltage part of the gas piston unit generator are the main cause of faults in the electrical part. This is due to impulse loads, vibration, high temperatures, as well as the lack of thermal imaging control under load. As a rule, the defect occurs very quickly and the contact fails before the planned inspection. Installing the ThermoSensor allows you to solve this problem.


Violation of the rules of installation or operation of equipment and household appliances caused more than 40 thousand fires (27.9% of the total number) in Russia in 2015, with a total material damage of more than 6 billion rubles and the number of victims of more than 1.8 thousand people. Fires in educational and medical institutions, nursing homes are the most socially significant. The installation of the ThermoSensor is most effective on powerful electrical equipment working with impulse (non-constant) load. These are heating systems, pumping equipment, air conditioners, heating appliances, ventilation.

ThermoIndicators allow to control effectively the quality of electrical works at homes and enterprises


ThermoIndicator is used to detect potentially dangerous contact connections. Stickers are made alike insulating tape and are applied on wires and buses near contact connections. Even if heated temporary for a very short period of time to 100 °C or 130 °C, the ThermoIndicator will change the color from white to black.

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ThermoIndicators allow to control effectively the quality of electrical works at homes and enterprises. Ask the maintenance employee to install ThermoIndicators on all contact connections working under load above 5A. If the indicator changes color within a few weeks after installation then there is a high probability that this contact is defective and in future may cause fire or an accident

ThermoElectrika serially produces thermoindicators of three sizes for different cables' diameters and two trigger temperatures. It is possible production of any other sizes and various triggering temperatures from plus 50 °С to plus 180 °С


АО «Объединенная энергетическая компания»
According to the official statistics and reports of energy companies more than 30% of all fires are caused by faults of installation and malfunctions of electrical objects.


One of the important missions of our company is to reduce the number of fires at social institutions. In Russia there are 14 fatalities per 100,000 fires on average, and these are one of the worst figures globaly.

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Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation, energy networks, especially in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, are badly worn out, and installation is not always done professionally. According to statistics, fires, related to the malfunction of electrical equipment, take first place after careless handling of fire. And in most cases, such a malfunction is a poor contact connection, which leads to overheating of the wiring.

Our company is working on the popularization and implementation of modern technologies for early detection of fires. We install sets of Thermoindicators on social objects, which allows regular check-ups of the condition of wiring in electric boards and detecting contacts before a fire or smoke occured.

We offer You to make your social institution more secure. To do this, please leave a request on our website in the Contacts section.

Also we are ready to provide our fully automatic monitoring system "ThermoSensor" if interested. It will transmit information about the status of the contact connections to the security panel on a regular basis around the clock.



The technology does not have close analogs and is protected by Russian patents. All the necessary certificates are in place including the obligatory certification of compliance with Federal Law No 123 and GOST R 53325-2012. The production is located in Russia.







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