Gas sensor

Special gas sensor

The special gas sensor (SGS) is designed to detect the threshold concentration of the signal gas in the protected object and to transmit the alarm code via the communication line to the Monitoring control unit. The sensor has a discrete output of the "dry contact" type, activated when the sensor switches to alarm mode. The sensor has a LED indicator for operating mode (NORMAL, ALARM, FAULT) and LED for indicating communication with the MCU

The SGS can be used with a Monitoring control unit, as well as independently (in this case an alarm signal can be obtained from a discrete output of the "dry contact" type). The sensor is addressable.

Performance specifications:
Parameter Specification
Type of connection CAN version 2.0 B ISO 11898
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Current cunsumption not more than 1 W
Ingress protection rating IP40
Dimensions 35x86x58 mm
Weight not more than 120 g
Mode indicator yes
Link indicator yes
Mounting type to DIN-rail
Body material plastic
Discrete outputs discrete output "Alarm"
Lifetime 7 years

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