ThermoIndicator is used to detect potentially dangerous contact connections. Stickers are made alike insulating tape and are applied on wires and buses near contact connections. Even if heated temporary for a very short period of time to 100 °C or 130 °C, the ThermoIndicator will change the color from white to black.

ThermoIndicators allow to control effectively the quality of electrical works at homes and enterprises. Ask the maintenance employee to install ThermoIndicators on all contact connections working under load above 5A. If the indicator changes color within a few weeks after installation then there is a high probability that this contact is defective and in future may cause fire or an accident

ThermoElectrika serially produces thermoindicators of three sizes for different cables' diameters and two trigger temperatures. It is possible production of any other sizes and various triggering temperatures from plus 50 °С to plus 180 °С

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