• Unique
    outdoor Thermo labels

  • New technology layer to infrared inspections

  • Continuous contacts overheat


ThermoIndicators informs about occurred or ongoing overheating during inspection


ThermoSensor reacts to the overheating and protects against fire

ThermoIndicator can be used to overheating control of any electrical equipment, as well as motors, drives, bearings and other industrial

Any electric contacts and contact


Motors, drives

Transformers, substations

Power lines

Plant equipment

Continuous overheating control – early stage accident prevention

To effectively prevent industrial accidents, it is necessary to identify deviations in the operation of equipment at an early stage. The earlier a defect is noticed, the more chances there are to fix it and thus to have lower possible damage and the repair costs.

Addition to the infrared temperature inspection

Inform about any case of overheating in the past and present time

Thermo Indicators

Detect overheating only in the moment of measurement           

Infrared camera

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