What is it for

  • Any element with ThermoIndicator on its surface is under continuous monitoring of overheating.
  • Black colour of ThermoIndicator clearly shows that certain temperature was reached.

How the ThermoIndicator works

The thermoindicators are self-adhesive PVC tape, convenient for sticking to any surface.

The top of the sticker is covered with special reflective crystals. When heated the crystals melt and absorb into the polymer composition. While melting the color is irreversibly changes from white to black (like snow melting on the road)

After melting, the composition cannot crystallize back upon cooling, which provides clear visibility of color changes.

The irreversibility of color change and the contrast between white and black colors creates a reliable and visible signal about overheating.

Operating temperature range: 50-130оС

Advantages of ThermoIndicator

  • Always on hand. The low cost of stickers allows you to always keep a small supply and use them "in place".

  • Continuous temperature control.

  • Any voltage class.

  • Any surface.

  • Indoor and outdoor use.

  • Instant and easy installation.

  • The sticker cannot be "tricked", because its work is based on the simplest physical principle.

How to use

All installation / dismantling operations are carried out on the turned-off equipment!

The sticker is glued to any surface that is a potential subject to overheating control, or close to it (for example, on the insulation of the wire near the electrical contact). For contaminated surfaces or materials with low adhesion, such as fluoroplastic or polyethylene, the sticker is glued “in a ring” or “in a pinch”.

During visual inspection, maintenance personnel inspects the color of the indicator: a color change from white to black indicates overheating that has occurred since the last inspection.

Upon detecting a change in the color of the mark, personnel take measures to identify and eliminate the causes of overheating.

After triggering the ThermoIndicator and eliminating the malfunction, the staff protects the contacts with new stickers.

Areas of use

Electrical contact (switch contacts, bolted contact connections, etc.)
Cables and busbars
Motors, bearings, gears, gears, seals, piston groups, etc.
Electromagnets and coils


  • Allow to identify a defect in advance and prevent fire, accident or shutdown of equipment.
  • Simplify the identification of defects: just look at the sticker.
  • Can be used as one of the criteria for the proper operation of the equipment during transmission of shifts, regular inspections or analysis of insured events.
  • Increase safety culture and reduce injuries

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